Get Every Corners of Your Home Secured,Illuminated  and Chase Off Every Burglar With A Sharp & Strong Illumination Of Light ….


 This is HOW TO PROTECT a LOVELY family!!!

 We have GOT over 1000 homes PROTECTED with this AMAZING Dark Motion Sensor Light !!

  • Say good bye to bumping into stuff in the dark.
  • - Comfort kids who are afraid of the dark
  • Scare That  Big Head Burglars Away
  • Get Notified By A Brightness Of Light When Anyone Passes Any  Area In Your  House
  • *Protect Your Kids And Your Entire Family
  • Beautify Your abode With This Amazing Harmless LED Light

This HAS  a HIGH TECH sensitivity that it even SENSES shadow and comes on WHEN shadow is detected thus preventing POSSIBLE invasion 

 Motion Sensor Lights act like little “guardians”, provide automated, hands-free way to protect your homes indoors and outdoors. Light up your bedroom, stairs, hallway, closet, or entryway to your home where the light switch is just too far from the door. Don't leave lights on needlessly running up the electric bill.

With easy installation, it mounts in seconds. No hammers, drills, or tools required. Simply use the double-sided adhesive pads or stick to any metal surface with the built-in magnet.

 This MAGICAL light will sense any MOVEMENT close to where it is fixed and it immediately TURNS on in DARKNESS  

This is A perfect SECURITY for your











And all HIDDEN CORNERS /Secret places Of Your House !!!  

 We know HOW MUCH you care about your FAMILY and their SAFETY


This can BE USED for beautification too , you can imagine HOW SECURED and BEAUTIFUL your house will LOOK when SOMEONE passes and a LIGHT shows UP.  


Whao !!!!


What A Security ???

This WILL come on IMMEDIATELY it senses MOTION and the LIGHT will remain for  15 SECONDS BEFORE It goes OFF ,all you need to do is to CHARGE for some few hours with the USB cord that comes with it and It comes with adhesive that allows you to STICK to any surface ,on METALLIC surface there is a MAGNET at the back of the LIGHT that allows it  to stay ON metallic SURFACE!!



how SIMPLE ???

 Mind You !!!!

This works PERFECTLY at night where there is EXTREME DARKNESS…(Because You Will Not Keep Your Lights On All night )


Switch Point 0= Turns off the LIGHT completely

Switch Point 1.Activates The Motion Sensor Feature Immediately

Switch Point 2. Put On the Light Continiously( that is, to use for a long time without going off(STABLE ) like other normal lights )

Switch Point 3 :Back To Its Motion Sensor Feature Again!!!

Imagine the PLEASURE  If no ONE ever BUMP into STUFF in the night  again , how GREAT if you can COMFORT your kids who are AFRAID of darkness even VISITOR  and The joy of SCARING away BURGLARS, the security of your FAMILY with the notification of LIGHT that SHINES super bright and the MAGNIFICENCE of your HOUSE with this AMAZING light .

 Don’t FORGET We have GOT over 1000 homes PROTECTED with this AMAZING Motion Sensor Light !!

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 (I am actually WHAOOED) by the quality of the PRODUCT it has really beautified my house to its FULLEST , great seller , I recommend 


UBA Group

Adesewa Abati

 When it comes to SECURITY , This is one of it at any time my wife leaves the BED and as soon as she step down I get that SUDDEN brightness from the LIGHT, THEN I know my wife is OFF BED )  

(I purposely PUT one under my bed 

Kelvin Philips

C.E.O (Adelex Furnitures )

It is all over places in my HOUSE and I can TELL anyone it is more than  A GREAT product , good innovation from a thinking manufacturer ..

Charles Umoren



 This is Our PROMO PRICE that will LAST for 5 DAYS only!!!

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Mini Set (Contains 4 Super Bright LED Light )

(Before #20,000   Now #15,000)

 A Set ( Contains 6 Motion Sensor LED light )

…(Before #25,000…      Now #21,000)


   B sets (Contains 12 Motion Sensor LED light )


(Before #45,000 , Now# 40,000)  


C Sets (Contains 18 Motion Sensor LED light )+Two Extra!!!

Making (20 Sensor LIGHT in TOTAL

(Before #65,000 , Now #58,000)


 Wait !!! Is this REASONABLE enough TO KEEP YOURSELF and your family SAFE  ?


How Great ? 

Do not TRY to miss this !!!

Fill In the Below Order Form To Place Your Order Now !!!!

NBFill In Your Correct Information So as to avoid Problem In Delivery Of Product And Please Do Not Order If you Won't be Available Or have Someone To Receive The Package!!!

Important Notice We have realized some people enter this FORM for fun which is not supposed to be , PLEASE and PLEASE do not ORDER for this PRODUCT, if you are not CASH READY or will be travelling in the NEXT FIVE DAYS  or Will not PICK CALLS from our delivery PARTNER when they CALL you for YOUR item when you are supposed to GET the item .

We are GLAD you understand US ,We know you are READY to get this, GO AHEAD And ORDER NOW!!!



F.A.Q(Frequently Asked Questions )

 Ques 1.Why Should I Buy this ?

Ans:It will help you see clearer in extreme darknesss and comes up as soon as motion is sensed , that is , it will power on automatically when it perceives movement (is that smart? ) , thus keeping you  notified of your family movement and possible ASSAULT



Ques 2.How Long Will This Light Stay On ?

Ans. Just wihin 15-20 seconds after it is on ,if it senses another movement after that 15 seconds it will come on again



Ques 3.Do I need an expert to help install this ?

Ans  No , This is SUPER simple ,you don’t need anyone to HELP YOU install it  , identify strategic places in your house where you want to INSTALL it , it has magnetic field at the back that will HELP stick to METAL areas , in cases of non metallic surface , you can USE the additional ADHESIVE that comes with to STICK to it whatever SURFACE .


Ques 4. IS THIS a quality product ?

Ans: Not until You have a TASTE of it yourself, it is AMAZING 

Ques 5: Does this PRODUCT work During BROAD day light 

Ans:It works perfectly at NIGHT where there is extreme darkness 

 Ques 6:What Other Thing Can affect thE FUNCTIONALITY of this  LIGHT ?

Ans1.Never Install the LIGHT in area of extremely HIGH TEMPERATURE Or an area of very strong lighting 

Ques 7: If I have any problem installing it ?

Ans :Kindly Call Us on 09063230811

Wait!!!! Do You Know You have a 365days guarantee on this product and 14 days Money Back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this PRODUCT ?



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