Fire Incidents Of Any Origin Can Truly Be Escaped and Lose Nothing To it

Do you know that a good percentage of Nigerians LOSE their LIVES & Properties to fire incidents on yearly basis?


Yes, From a recently SHARED report


How about those who LOSE their ALL TIME properties to FIRE incidents ?


So Sad anyways


Imagine people LOSING their hard earned property to FIRE that can be controlled like a 2 year OLD baby if the right strategies are employed.

 According to the POPULAR saying “ALWAYS PREPARE AHEAD OF BAD DAYS “ We are in a world of uncertainty , however STAYING prepared can BE  a very good strategy to KNOCK down BAD DAYS .


We have actually SAVED over 500 fire VICTIMS both in homes ,OFFICES and cars  .

Who has witnessed a SUDDEN fire outbreak before ?   it is always HORRIBLE and unexpected  right ???




FirePROTECT is the best fire extinguisher for any situation. This Compact and light weight fire blanket is built also to take with you anywhere you go. Trusted by members of the U.S Fire Administration and home owners around the world. 

the FirePROTECT will make sure you are FIRE-READY!

->Protect Yourself And Entire Family From Fire troubles

->Stay FIRE ready ALWAYS....no one can TELL

->Kill Fire of Any Origin In Few Seconds

->Protect Your Hard Earned Properties and Valuables

->Walk Gently Out Of Fire With This Fire PROTECT in extremely DELICATE fire cases..

->Useful In Homes , Kitchens , Offices , Restaurants , Cars 

EASY TO USE No training needed!  Can be used by children and elderly |

|Do you know this is the FASTEST way to REMOVE fire?|

|No Expiration Date , Use Forever Until You Misplace it |

|High Temperature Resistant|



 The Most interesting is this, You can PASS through the FIRE By wrapping this around you in cases of FIRE outbreaks  and GO SCOT –FREE..


What do you think?


And who can REMEMBER fire extinguishers can’t be wrapped around the BODY during  FIRE- OUTBREAK



Fire extinguishers are NEVER re-usable and they HAVE expiry dates too.. With this RE-USABLE fire PROTECT BLANKET with no expiration PERIOD. You  can PLACE the blanket directly on the FIRE and the FIRE goes OFF immediately in a SECOND…Pam.




Or you wrap around to escape burns and heat caused by FIRE ..   Then, you have your FAMILY saved , PROPERTIES , Precious stones ,money and other valuables with this.

Keep In  Kitchens , Cars ,  Office , Generator House and other strategic places that are PRONE to fire .

Don’t FORGET We have GOT over 500 Individuals PROTECTED with this AMAZING FirePROTECT Blanket !!

Now,See How it is USED

 You May like to SEE WHAT  others who have this are saying about this FirePROTECT blanket?

 *Great product, I tried it directly on fire on my gas on the day it was delivered…I can be rest assured of this product.

Anifowoshe Kazeem

what I love about this product is that,It is re-usable unlike my extinguisher that needs replacement always and this is even less cheaper.i recommend to all parents

Ngozi Nelson 

Akwa Ibom

 A  must have, even if you already have a fire extinguisher already, as I was told you can survive through fire when wrapped around the body , I used my lighter on it, which the blanket repelled

Umoren Charles

Innovative but strange, this saved me my entire house some years back.

Kadijah Hassan 

Ilorin ,Nigeria



This is Our PROMO PRICE that will LAST for 5 DAYS only!!!

+ Free Delivery NationWide!!!

Before#20,000   Now #15,000

Just BECAUSE we want more HOMES & LIVES protected , we are CURRENTLY selling for #15,000 which will LAST for 5 days ONLY!!!

One FirePROTECT for #15,000



BUY 2  FirePROTECT FOR #28,000 and GET 1 Free Motion SENSOR light 

(what is MOTION SENSOR light ? It is a security light that turns on automatically in darkness  when it senses any movement around your house , a TOP NOTCH security light worth FOUR thousand  NAIRA )

BUY 3 FirePROTECT FOR #40,500 and GET 2 Free Motion SENSOR light


BUY 4 FirePROTECT FOR #52,000 and GET 3 Free Motion SENSOR light

NB: There is no FREE motion SENSOR light for BUYERS of  one FIRE PROTECT , This bonus is ONLY available for those buying 2 or MORE

Wait !!! Is this REASONABLE enough TO KEEP YOURSELF and your family SAFE  ?

We want you and your FAMILY to be SAFE ,that is why we are using the MOTION SENSOR LIGHT to ensure a optimum security AS you are also PROTECTED from fire and from INTRUDERS

How Great ? 

Do not TRY to miss this !!!

Fill In the Below Order Form To Place Your Order Now !!!!

NBFill In Your Correct Information So as to avoid Problem In Delivery Of Product And Please Do Not Order If you Won't be Available Or have Someone To Receive The Package!!!

Important Notice We have realized some people enter this FORM for fun which is not supposed to be , PLEASE and PLEASE do not ORDER for this PRODUCT, if you are not CASH READY or will be travelling in the NEXT FIVE DAYS  or Will not PICK CALLS from our delivery PARTNER when they CALL you for YOUR item when you are supposed to GET the item .

We are GLAD you understand US ,We know you are READY to get this, GO AHEAD And ORDER NOW!!!



F.A.Q(Frequently Asked Questions )

Ques 1.Why Should I Buy this ?

Ans :Any House Is Prone to Fire Outbreaks of different origin ,you need to be protective of your family and properties in case of any funny occurences of FIRE

Ques 2.Do I need an expert to help install this ?

Ans:No, this is not like the usual fire extinguisher you are familiar with , you don't need any installation of any time,you just have to keep it strategic areas around you that is most likely to fire ,in cars, kitchens , generator house etc

Ques 3.Is there a warranty on this PRODUCT?

Ans:We offer LIFE TIME warranty. If you do have any issues with the blanket, please contact Contact (09063230811) and we will replace it immediately.

Ques 4:Is this really re-USABLE AS said ?

Ans:Yes , this is a LIFE TIME product , you can use it over and over and over again.

Ques 5: Is this a QUALITY product?

Ans: Not until You have a TASTE of it yourself, it is AMAZING

Ques 6 I already have FIRE EXTINGUSHER , Do i still need this ?

Ans :Yes, this is an instant QUENCHER,light weight, requires no technical knowledge to use, it can be wrapped around the body to move out of fire ,re-usable without the the need to refill anything , handy and so you need this far more than you need the conventional FIRE EXTINGUISHER

Wait!!!! Do You Know You have a life TIME guarantee on this product and 14 days Money Back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this PRODUCT ?



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