This is the Super Sure Way To Prevent Your CAR from Sudden brake FAILURE and Keep Yourself & Family Safe

You Will No Longer have To Be Afraid of break failure and ALSO an unending visit to your MECHANIC WORKSHOP With This SIMPLE BUT MAGICAL DEVICE.

Yes, We Know you want to BE safe in Your Car With Your Family….But Do you Know these?

 Do You Know that Over 80% of Sudden BREAK FAILURE is caused BY bad  & Adulterated Brake OIL?


Do you FIND it hard to KNOW when to change YOUR brake fluid ?


Do you KNOW several LIVES of families have been LOST in accident caused BY FAKE BRAKE OILs?

 Well, It is never a FAULT from the BUYER but the SELLER who package their FAKE /DANGEROUS oil to be ORIGINAL .


Which is NOT …All in the NAME of “I want to MAKE profit “ And at the DETRIMENT of the BUYER 



 We don’t want you TO EVER  lose your CAR to these HAPPY swindlers , because it is NO LONGER a news about the RISING rate of brake FAILURE these days, Apart from this,


Does it make any SENSE to even LOSE  several parts in your vehicle to JUST one FAKE OIL of few thousands of NAIRA… 3K, 4K, 5K …. This is a MISTAKE nobody SHOULD make again..



What about the POSSIBLE harm this can bring to MOTORISTS?  Who else has experienced A SUDDEN BREAK FAILURE on a high WAY ? How FATAL ? Never Mind , This Has Got Your COVERED


 This New Brake Oil Analyzer Is a 5 LED indicator , a Pen shaped device that operates on a singe AAA battery ,It has a BUTTON to be pushed at the head and it is 100% easy to USE


This will HELP you TEST the quality of Oil you are about to pour into your RIDE and to know the quality of the existing OIL in your CAR

Just insert the DEVICE in the brake oil container and immediately you have your RESULTs. 

With Indications from the LED lights that pop up 

Because Water & Other contaminants affect the STRENGTH & Potency of brake Oil

 Green: means Battery OK, that is, brake fluid does not contain water

  Green / yellow:  means brake oil in water content of less than 1%, better brake fluid performance, ease of use.  

Green / yellow / yellow: means brake oil in water content of about 2%, brake fluid can continue to be in use.

  Green / yellow / yellow / red: means brake oil in water content of about 3%,  brake fluid should be replaced as soon as POSSIBLE 

Green / yellow / yellow / red / red: means brake oil in water content of at least 4%, the brake fluid must be replaced immediately responsible for very dangerous

Do you know what ?

Wish This DEVICE


*You are NOW safe in your CAR 


*You Will Now Be Free from buying FAKE oil that wears CAR  


*No More Fear of break failure 


*You can now enjoy a PEACEFUL journey in your RIDE 


*When to Change Your Brake Oil is no longer a PROBLEM

*You Will No Longer Be Scammed Of Your Hard Earned Money 


*You can now stop disturbing your ARROGANT mechanic

How Lucky are you to have come across this ?

A stitch in time saves NINE 

Look at What others are saying about THIS product ?


“Perfect product “ one thing I hardly joke with is my brake system, I now know when my brake oil is bad without guess work


Alade Ademola

Ijebu,Ogun State

-This product changed my mentality I can now drive knowing fully well I am safe 

John Obu

Imo State

-It came handy,it is like a tester ,you will know when there is a contamination in your braking system,kudos to the brainy producer


James Andrew


I have once had a fatal break failure before so when I saw this , I couldn’t resist ,i was lucky then, i always remember childhood friend who was never lucky to escape that horrible day, Well  I recommend to all car users in this our country 

Essien Agatu ..

Cross River

Okay,I want to FEEL safe,how much is this?

One Brake OIL analyzer is “#20,000”

However , we have considered the  NEED  of this and we want all CAR OWNERS to have this in their possession, that’s why we are discounting this to 

#15,000( For One Brake Oil Analyzer for 5 days ONLY)

BONUS:This device operates on One single battery .

Though this product does not come with battery , however we will give you a super STRONG Duracell battery 

1 piece of STRONG Duracell to OPERATE this device and to enjoy your analysis (FOR FREE)

Here is Our Promo for this ANALYZER!!

Buy 2 Brake Oil ANALYZER for just #27,000

Instead of #30,000

BONUS:You Get 2 piecesof STRONG Duracell to OPERATE this device and to enjoy your analysis (FOR FREE)

Buy 3 Brake Oil ANALYZER for #40,000

Instead of 45,000


BONUS:You Get 3 piecesof STRONG Duracell to OPERATE this device and to enjoy your analysis (FOR FREE)



Is that a good deal?

Good or NOT , it goes down in 5 days , offer closes in 5 days TIME.


30 pieces REMANING

 This is Our PROMO PRICE that will LAST for 5 DAYS only!!!

+ Free Delivery NationWide!!!

Wait !!! Is this REASONABLE enough TO KEEP YOURSELF and your family SAFE  ?


How Great ? 

Do not TRY to miss this !!!

Fill In the Below Order Form To Place Your Order Now !!!!

NBFill In Your Correct Information So as to avoid Problem In Delivery Of Product And Please Do Not Order If you Won't be Available Or have Someone To Receive The Package!!!

Important Notice We have realized some people enter this FORM for fun which is not supposed to be , PLEASE and PLEASE do not ORDER for this PRODUCT, if you are not CASH READY or will be travelling in the NEXT FIVE DAYS  or Will not PICK CALLS from our delivery PARTNER when they CALL you for YOUR item when you are supposed to GET the item .

We are GLAD you understand US ,We know you are READY to get this, GO AHEAD And ORDER NOW!!!






F.A.Q(Frequently Asked Questions )

Question: How does this WORK ?

Ans:This analyzer is designed to test the potency of Brake oil based on the requirement that constitutes a good one , however contaminants are present in the oil , it will notify you with a danger sign red as shown in the light below and your initially good oil is due for change you will also be notified during test and light will also remain red .



Brake fluid analyzer is based on the change in conductivity to determine the moisture change brake fluid. It shows clearly the extent of moisture contained by the light-emitting diode, high moisture content will lead to lower boiling point, affect braking performance. Red indicates the brake fluid needs immediate replacement, green represents good condition, yellow indicates the state is acceptable but soon replaced.

Question :How do I know if my brake oil is good ?

Ans:When you insert the tip of  the pen into your brake oil , you will see the (green ) light which  show it is in good condition or (Yellow) which means it is still manageable or FAIR

Question: How do I test ?

Ans:Just insert the head of the pen into your brake oil and push the button at the end of the pen and you will get your results immediately .

Here is a result check !!!

 Red indicates the brake fluid needs immediate replacement, green represents good condition, yellow indicates the state is acceptable but soon to bereplaced.

Question:What’s the warranty on this product ?

Ans:We have a TWO years warranty on the product ...great quality 

Question:If I have any complain about this product , how do I lodge my complain ...

Ans:Don’t waste time , just CALL 09063230811 and you will be carefully responded to .

Question:Do I need my mechanic to help me use this ??

Ans:No ,No and No, this is simple as explained , just fix the battery into the device and put into your oil and wait for your result in few seconds .

Is that not simple enough

Simple!!! You know 

SAFE trip is our goal 


Wait!!!! Do You Know You have a 2 YEARS guarantee on this product and 14 days Money Back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this PRODUCT ?


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