"Make Your Home An Illuminated,Secured Palace And Keep Yourself ,Family Safe With This"

Keep Yourself , Loved Ones & Environment Protected With This Self FUNCTIONING SOLAR POWERED LIGHT

~Do You Know You Can Make Your House, Gardens, compound a TOP NOTCH palace ?


~Do you also KNOW you CAN keep yourself  protected BY Scaring Away Intruders /Thieves With This Bright Automated  LED lights?


~How Will You Feel If Every Visitor Of Your House Feel Secured & Illuminated With This Self Reliant Solar LIGHT that DOES not NEED your attention?


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These SOLAR Lights are the newest, most efficient ,portable, powerful solar powered exterior lighting. You can now decorate your own home without having to spend HUNDREDS of thousands.


   -Lights require no wiring or BATTERIES


-they are super easy to use, just mount to the ground and you are done.



-They are cost efficient because they utilize light conversion technology that absorbs the sun’s energy in storage cells converting solar power to electricity. 


- They are waterproof, durable, resistant to harsh weather conditions (RAIN/SNOW/WIND) made of stainless steel and tough enough to be run over by a lawn mower. 




They turn on automatically when it gets DARK in the late evening giving you 10 hours of light when FULLY charged by the SUN and they turn off automatically very early in the morning before sunset. Or you can manually turn them off or on.




Because It ALSO has a SWITCH on it 

You can PUT them on the ground, mount them with the hook and loop strips or BETTER still place them on the floor or ground to deliver the right look to your home & Entire surrounding

Why Not Make Use of this, that requires no expert, no external BATTERY , Self Functioning Security Light & Get the MOST perfect outlook you want for your HOME?

JUST PLACE & THAT'S ALL ,Then You Will Have That Awesome Illuminating Experience With This Magical Light

Perfect For Compounds,Lawns,Gardens, Stairways,Hallways , Surroundings To Bring Out The Elegance In Your Home

NB:This SOLAR light does NOT work during the DAY, it Only works At Night After SUNSET ,It powers on AUTOMATICALLY at night and goes OFF BEFORE daybreak in the MORNING!!!!

We Have Got Over 1200 homes PROTECTED & iLLUMINATED With This

We Know You are READY to SECURE & BEAUTIFY your Home With This!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Ques 1 . How does this work ?

Ans:It absorbs the sun’s energy in storage cells converting solar power to electricity and thus supplying ,They turn on when the lights go down,that is , it does not work during day light but works ONLY after DAY OUT (At night ) giving you 10 hours of light and they turn off automatically. Or you can manually turn them off or on if you wish .


Ques 2.Where Can I Fix this?

Ans:Lawns,Gardens, Staircase, Hallways, Compound, or any area around the house that can gain access to sunlight.


Ques 3.What is the required charging duration for effective functioning?


Ans:It requires a MINIMUM of 6 hours exposure to the SUN that will yield 10 hours uninterrupted power supply at night when sun goes off , that is , it will go all night.


Ques 4: What is the GUARANTEE on this product?

Ans:We give a 2 year guarantee on this product, if you have any issues with this LIGHT , do not hesitate to Call Our Sales Manager on 09063230811 Immediately , you will either GET a refund or a replacement with no questioning, 2 years GUARANTEE.

Ques 5: Will the Spike COME with the PACKAGE ?

Ans:Yes, to insert into surfaces in the ground, you add the spike to enable easy penetration in the ground

Wait!!!! Do You Know You have a 2 years guarantee on this product and 14 days Money Back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this PRODUCT for any REASON?


Help Desk ;Call/SMS "09063230811" 


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